Our Philosophy

Sustainability: People, Community, Environment

There are numerous definitions of sustainability. The most obvious being an organization that breaks even or makes a profit. However, a large majority of farms in Maine and across the country unfortunately do not meet this criterion. A more complete, and many would argue, more important description of sustainability involves people, community and environment. Replenova’s philosophy of sustainability includes offering a stable, safe, and healthy environment for employees; making a steady and constant contribution to those in need in our community; and being good stewards of our environment, specifically with regard to the land (soil), air and water, on a local as well as global basis. These are important if not profound contributions.

Worker and food safety are top priorities. Our farm business will adhere to GAP and ISO9001 quality standards as well as MOFGA organic growing methods for our farm operation.

Our actions toward reaching sustainability goals while operating an organic farm include:


A living wage structure and safe, healthy working conditions for our employees



Significant and steady produce contributions to community food distribution organizations


Production of produce and food products which minimize significant impacts on our farmland, using organic methods to improve the soil, protect the air and water resources and avoid the use of harmful chemicals

Grid-tied solar

Solar Technologies

Use of off the grid and grid-tied solar technologies to reduce our carbon footprint.


A policy and program to minimize and constantly reduce farm waste using composting of organic materials, recycling and reuse of paper, cardboard and plastic, and use of 100% compostable produce containers

Germinating seeds


Farm self-sufficiency actions include collection and use of open pollinated seeds for planting, and producing certified compost used for soil amendments and seed starter mix