Gary Goodrich of Replenova Farm in Maine

Founding of a Maine Organic Farm

Replenova Farm, LLC, in Cumberland, Maine was founded in July of 2015 by Gary Goodrich, biochemist, former biotechnology business owner, and lifelong organic gardener. His dream of developing and operating an organic farm is now a reality. Replenova grows high value-added produce and cherry tomatoes. Gary’s goal is to provide high wages and benefits for farm worker employees, while operating and growing the farm in a sustainable manner.

Nathalie Forster joined Replenova Farm in Spring 2016. Combining her extensive scientific, organizational, and documentation knowledge with her enthusiasm for farming, Nathalie is a perfect fit for the business.

Replenova’s First Crops

With the help of four part-time farm workers, the first year’s crop of cherry and husk tomatoes was produced on a half-acre of farmland in Cumberland, Maine. Organically grown, fresh cherry tomatoes were sold to local markets for both spring and fall seasons.

During the mid-season the bulk of the crop was dried using a solar-assisted sun drier method to develop dried cherry tomato products for cooking, salads and snacks. Marketing taste trials are scheduled for late 2016 and early 2017.

Year Two

In our second growing year, we have been experimenting with various vegetable varieties to optimize both early and late season planting schedules, growing conditions, and harvesting methods. Sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, specialty cucumbers, and baby ginger and turmeric were well received in the marketplace. Our compostable packaging was introduced and we’re still working on making improvements. We are expanding our market partners and increasing our farm scale. 

In addition, we have developed sun dried (solar and wood assisted) cherry tomato products, processed at the farm and at the Fork Food Lab, a members commercial kitchen, located in Portland, Maine.

During this past growing season, we obtained GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certification from the USDA. 

What’s Up for 2018?

This year we will be focusing on offering a diverse selection of unique fresh vegetables for the very early and late Maine growing seasons. We’ll be expanding our dried tomato products.