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Mill Cove Baking – The Old Salt Cracker


Deliciously neutral, these crackers pair well with cheese, wine and beer or crumble in a chowder. Made with Maine made butter and buttermilk.

All orders are picked up at the farm. Please place your order at least 1 day ahead of pick up date. Indicate in the comment section of your order which date for pick up.  Farm Market hours are Tuesday-Friday from 10AM-4:30PM  Your order will be bagged and marked with your name and left inside the market refrigerator.  If you prefer car side delivery, please call 207 409-0446 when you get here and we’ll run it out to you.

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Mill Cove Baking Co. is a small Portland-based, woman-owned company delivering tasty and unique crackers to markets in Maine and beyond.