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July Lunch Menu

July Lunch Menu


   Egg and Cheese-$4.75

Our baked bread or (bagel, biscuit if available)

Local eggs, Winterhill Farm Collinsbrook cheese (Freeport) or

Spring Day Creamery (Durham) Halloumi cheese

Seasonal BLT-   $7.50

Our baked bread

Old Crow Ranch bacon (Durham)

Our Lettuce and fresh tomato

Our tomato aioli

Ham and Cheese Sandwich-  $7.50

Our baked bread

Hidden Ledge Farm (Pownal) Ham and Winterhill Farm cheese (Freeport)

Our lettuce and tomato (optional)

Vegetarian –  $6.50

Our baked bread

Our basil pesto with local cheese

Lazy Dog Farm goat cheese (New Gloucester)

Our lettuce and fresh tomato

Our pickled radish or Hakurei turnip (optional)

Seasonal Salad- small $4.50  large $5.50

Our Replenova organic vegetable choices:

Mixed greens or choices of lettuces

Fresh cherry or Heirloom tomato, Cucumber, Chopped scallions

Fresh herbs including chopped chervil, chives, garlic chives or sweet cicely

Pickled radish and/or Hakurei spring turnip

Dressing-  Elderflower syrup vinaigrette


 Add a protein –  plus $1.00

Papou’s Kitchen falafels (Westbrook), or Hidden Ledge Farm ham or  Old Crow bacon