Fresh Produce

Fresh Cherry Tomatoes

Replenova Farm, LLC grows a variety of fresh vegetables and herbs, organically and sustainably, in Cumberland, Maine.

You’ll find that our just-picked produce tastes different than other produce found in supermarkets and large chains. Our fresh produce is usually picked, packaged and delivered on the same day.

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Our expected harvest for 2018 includes:

Fresh Produce By the Season

Fresh Sugar Snap Peas

Early Spring

Pea Shoots

Sugar Snap Peas


Beans, Haricot Vert

Cherry Tomatoes

Cucumbers, Cornichon

Cucumbers, Suyo Long



Fresh Haricot Vert Beans


Beans, Haricot Vert

Cherry Tomatoes



Fresh Ginger Root

Late Fall/Winter

Baby Ginger

Baby Turmeric

Belgian Endive